• Oct252015

    The Music Industry

    by Gbade Adetisola

    Back in the days when I got admission to study music technology we were about 40 in a class and…

  • Oct092015

    Influence of Music

    by Gbade Adetisola

    Songs stimulate the senses, the senses stimulate emotions, emotions leads to actions and when there’s an action there’s no going…

  • Oct022015

    Audio Spectrum

    by Gbade Adetisola

    This is an audio engineering term but musicians can benefit from the knowledge, because good sound is not only a…

  • Oct012015

    Destroying Music with Loudness

    by Gbade Adetisola

    When I started going to studios in the early 90s, recording engineers used to set a boundary called 0db rule;…


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