• Nov062015

    80s/90s: The Good Old Music Days

    by Gbade Adetisola

    The first time I was in a studio was 1993, I had no idea about recording or producing, but there…

  • Nov012015

    SINGING: Myths Vs Facts 2

    by Gbade Adetisola

    I’m presuming you’ve┬áread the part 1 of this article, if you haven’t, do so by clicking this link before you…

  • Oct312015

    SINGING: Myths Vs Facts 1

    by Gbade Adetisola

    You’ve probably heard someone say if you swallow a whole banana your voice will improve. He he he! Have you…

  • Oct272015

    Music Copyright

    by Gbade Adetisola

    No label to sign you up, yet you managed to raise hundreds of thousands of naira to record an album,…


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